The Angle of Attack


Have you ever stopped to marvel at how an airplane works? How can over 100 tons of steel defy gravity and flying through the air?


When we look at the forces that work in an airplane’s flight, we can find parallels for our own lives in facing daily struggles and difficult circumstances. 


An airplane requires 4 key things to fly successfully and each one relates:

·      Dragis the force that acts opposite to the direction of motion. It tends to slow an object. Every time an airplane takes off, it has to overcome the drag.

·      Thrustis a force that moves an aircraft in a certain direction. It’s created by the engine used to propel the aircraft forward. 

·      Liftis the force that holds an airplane in the air. When the airplane moves forward the air flowing over the wing will produce a lift force on the wings.

·      Weightis the force caused by gravity. When the lift is greater than the gravitational weight, the plane takes off.  

A plane can only fly if the forces of lift and thrust are greater than it’s weight and drag. If the weight and drag are greater than the lift and thrust, the plane will crash.  

When a plane is in the air, the high pressure below the wing creates lift.  That is called the “angle of attack.”  When you increase angle of attack, you increase the pressure.  This creates more lift! 

The greater the attack on your life, the greater the lift!  Every attack comes to generate more lift and allows you to soar to new heights. 

Just like an airplane relies on it’s powerful jet engines to produce thrust and lift, in order to overcome the weight and drag of everyday life we must rely on our own engine: the Holy Spirit. He’s there to guide us each and every day.


My challenge to you is to see every difficult circumstance as an opportunity to climb. To lift into all God has called you to be. 


Together, let’s increase our angle of attack and advance the Kingdom of God. 

Ryan Cross