Christians Who Judge


This post is intended for all Christians who oppose President Trump and the conservative party. I have been reading the comments on my Facebook page over the past month. While most agree with what I have shared, there are still some very negative comments from Christians. For most, they continue to make a judgment call based on what has been shown on liberal television programs, including the news media. Whether what has taken place in President Trump’s life in the past is true or false, the bottom line is that since he has become the President of the United States, he has undoubtedly experienced a spiritual change.

President Trump surrounds himself with Christian men and women and is continually fighting for Christian rights. In my recent visit to the White House, I met with many of his senior officials that pledged their love for Jesus Christ. These are the men and women who were directly appointed by our President. I was also told of the many prayer meetings that take place along with a weekly Bible study that the President and First lady attend. Nothing of this sort was noted in the previous administration.

We, as Christians, need to go back to the Bible and live up to what God’s Word says. We cannot judge someone by their past sins, else who would stand? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of forgiveness, mercy and grace to the sinner. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God…that includes you and me. God has forgiven us so why do we find it so difficult to forgive others? We are in great danger if we judge the heart of another, for that is reserved for God and God alone. Also, if your life was under the microscope and all of your past sins exposed, how would your fare? Donald Trump of the past is not the Donald Trump of today. God is doing a work in his heart and we need to see the big picture.

Our President is fighting for the Christian values that our nation was founded upon. He has been attacked since the day he was elected and the media has continued to show him in a false light, along with his family. Remember, Paul killed Christians before his conversion. David committed adultery and murder and was still known as a man after God’s own heart. Peter was one of the greatest disciples, yet He denied the Lord 3 times. If these 3 chosen men of God were living in our world today, how would you judge them? As Christians, I say the words that Jesus said to those who judge and accuse without knowing the heart: “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Pray for the President instead of judging him. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, not the liberal media. Forgive and show mercy just as God has forgiven you and extended mercy to your life.

Ryan Cross