The Cross Controversy


This week’s news about the controversy surrounding the attempted removal of a WW1 Peace Cross memorial is one more proof of the anti-Christian movement that is continuing to influence our nation today. The fight over the “cross” has made it all the way to the Supreme Court! One of the opposing parties from the American Humanist Association states, “There is an unfairness of suggesting that a cross could represent all veterans when clearly not all veterans are Christians.” Jewish and Muslim veterans groups are among those opposing the memorial's design, saying it is not inclusive or respectful of their faiths.

Let me pose this question: If an American lives in Iran, does the Iranian government give a care about respecting our faith? What about China, Japan, India and many other nations? The dominant religion does not bow to any other. How is it that America should bow to those outside the Christian faith in which our nation was founded upon? While it is true that not all veterans are Christians, it is not true that a cross should not represent them! The cross is the symbol of Christianity, the practiced religion of our founding fathers. Any soldier who fights in the American military, whether Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or any other religion, is fighting for our values and laws, which were taken from the Bible. The Bible was the handbook of our founding fathers. The cross is a symbol of our values and what we stand for. Our President is sworn in to office by laying his hand on a Bible and taking an oath. The Bible is used every day in our courts as the ultimate authority that you will tell the Judge the truth. The cross is the symbol that that Bible. To remove the cross is a desecration of American values and an attempt to rewrite our history.

Go back to the early 1900s and the culture during WW1. Sunday was a day noted as “the Sabbath”. It was a day of rest and set aside for religious services. All retail stores were closed and we honored Sunday as a day set aside for the worship of God. If you were not a Christian, you were not forced to attend a church service, but you certainly had to abide by our laws which were created on Christian values. Also, we did not allow illegal aliens into our country. They came legally and melted into our society of Christian values. We did not stop them from worshipping their own gods nor did we tell them how to vote, but they were required to come in legally and apply for American citizenship. I wonder how many people today who are screaming in the streets and destroying historical monuments came into this country legally and applied for citizenship.
When you travel abroad and see cemeteries in European nations, you will find acres of white crosses displayed to honor Americans who died in war. By removing the cross, you are taking away our rights to declare who we are.

For all who believe the lie that America was not founded on Christianity, please read carefully the words of our first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay: “It certainly is very desirable that a pacific disposition should prevail among all nations. The most effectual way of producing it is by extending the prevalence and influence of the gospel. Real Christians will abstain from violating the rights of others, and therefore will not provoke war. Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”
He declares our nation a “Christian” nation!

Do you want America to be great again? Then go back to our conception. Go back to our Christian-based laws and values. If we want to Make America Great Again, we must go back to what initially made it great. ONE NATION UNDER GOD…the God of the Bible!

“Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the CROSS of Jesus going on before."

Ryan Cross