The Test of Your Faith

You will never hear the words, "Well done thou good and faithful servant" until your faith is put to the test. The pruning hand of God must cut away all of the dry branches that do not produce fruit. He must continue to cut them down until the limbs are no more. And when you think He has cut enough, He cuts even more, for He must go to the root and pull out all that is against His nature. It is painful; His knife is sharp; the iron blade cuts deep; tears will flow; you will feel alone.

But how can a rose blossom with beauty and release such a sweet fragrance unless its seed is first planted into the deep, dark soil alone? How can the petal become soft unless it is birthed amidst thorns? A seed must die and reach it's lowest point under the dark soil before it can have the strength to push through the heavy clod and bask in the sunlight. Is your faith being tested today?

Do you feel the darkness closing in as the pressures of life surround you? Don't despair! Push through and keep pressing on! This is a test of your faith! Push through the darkness in His strength and you will break out into the sunlight again!

"...the testing of your faith produces endurance." -James 1:3

Ryan Cross