Women: Then and Now - Part 1


Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day. Never in history have we seen such a change in the role of women. Today, we have over 100 women in our sacred halls of congress and the senate. Recent newly elected congresswomen of Palestinian Muslim, Somali, and Socialist Cultures have captured our news in a shocking way. I would like to share with you a 3-part series of models of the Conservative Culture that we find in women of the Bible.

God made women in such a way as to be able to handle all that life requires of them. Look at the many women around us who work tirelessly, giving their love, sacrifice and service to others. Women are nurtured and empowered by a loving God. Once they come to this realization, the world is theirs and they can succeed at anything. God honors our faith, not the way we look at ourselves or the way others judge us. When that faith is put into action, there is no limitation. It is faith that allows women to go forward and become everything God designed them to be.

If you asked the question, “What is the biggest mistake in the history of the world?” No doubt the answer would be the deception of Eve by the serpent. She was the first to fail in the Divine government. She was deceived, but Adam knowingly disobeyed. By the grace of God and His mercy, she was given the first promise of a Savior who would restore the right relationship with God (Genesis 3 and 4).

God gave Sarah the position of co-ruler with her husband and included her in His covenant with Abraham, who was to be the “Father of many nations”. She was old and barren and could not see how this could take place, so she gave her young handmaid to her husband and Ishmael was born. Years later, she bore Isaac. She stepped out of the will and timing of God and the world is still in conflict today because of her decision. Her life teaches us that we must have faith regardless of evidence to the contrary (Genesis 15-16).

Isaac married an exceptionally beautiful woman named Rebekkah. Abraham sent his servant to his own land, the land of his family, in order to find a godly wife for his Isaac. Rebekkah teaches us the true way of finding the right man. She followed the leading of God, prayed and worshipped, waited for the right timing and the approval of her family. She then left everything she had ever known and journeyed to a foreign land "by faith" to meet her husband. Faith will always take your forward (Genesis 24).

Ryan Cross