Missed Goal


I am appalled at the remarks and behavior of Megan Rapinoe. 

Soccer is a team sport. It’s not boxing, skiing or tennis. Therefore, there is more than one voice that speaks for this team. The media has chosen to use a disgruntled homosexual who hates our President and who refuses to join her team in respecting “The Star Spangled Banner” as the spokesperson for the entire team. It is one more stepping stone to push the liberal agenda down the throat of Americans. A celebratory win for a team that should unite our nation has become a political platform fueled by the left wing media to further divide us. Using the game of soccer as a platform to promote the LGBT movement, to display anti-American rants and disrespect our President should cause every conservative Christian to be infuriated!

Rapinoe’s choice of the worst expletive to disrespect our President regarding an invitation to the White House is utterly shameful.  Her refusal to honor our pledge of allegiance is to spit in the face of patriotism. This is a TEAM sport and there is more than one voice that represents this team. After shunning our President, she tells us in her own words where her allegiance lies,  "So yes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, yes to Pelosi, yes to a bi-partsan Congress, yes to Chuck Schumer, yes to anyone else that wants to invite us and have a real substantive conversation and that believe in the same things we believe in." 

To make things worse, after spewing her hatred toward our President and dishonoring our nation, she has the audacity to say, “We have to love more, hate less. We got to listen more and talk less.” Love more? Show me the love in your words here Megan, “I'm not going to the [expletive] White House!” 

And how about this remark, “So it's kind of a ‘(expletive) you' to any sort of inequality or bad sentiments that the [Trump] administration might have towards people who don't look exactly like him. Which, God help us if we all looked like him. Scary. Really scary. Ahh, disturbing…”

She actually meant, “Hate more, love less. We got to talk more and listen less.” Rapinoe may be good at kicking a ball on a soccer field but she knows nothing about being on the battle field fighting for the freedom to kick that ball. Our founding fathers paid a great price for our freedom and proudly raised the American flag, sewn by Betsy Ross!  America was not founded upon homosexuality and the waving of the rainbow flag.  The only flag raised that represents this nation is the red, white and blue.  The men who fought for our freedom shed their blood.  The fact that you can stand with a team of other Americans and refuse to sing our national anthem because of your own personal dislike of our nation makes you Anti-American.  To use a win for our nation as a political platform to wave your rainbow flag as if you are the sole player of the team and the beliefs of others mean nothing, shows your selfishness and lack of respect for your teammates.  If the captain of USWST was a Christian, would she be allowed to wave a Christian flag and parade around with a Bible?  We can’t begin to imagine the outrage from the liberal media…but Rapinoe can proudly say, "You can't win a championship without gays on your team. It's never been done before. That's science right there…go gays!”

The liberal left continues to boldly advance while the Christian voices remain silent.  How did a nation, founded on the Bible stray so far away from its principles? How unrecognizable would America be to our founding fathers if they were to get a glimpse of us 243 years later? How did we get here?  Who is to blame for our cultural demise?

Though the hostile media, liberal politicians and secularist groups have contributed to the moral decay of our nation, they are not the primary cause.  The blame lies on the Christian Church which has become irrelevant.  It is no longer the leading voice for our nation.  The light of truth that once shined brightly has become a dull flicker.  We have catered to our culture instead of changing it.  We have become more concerned about being politically correct than Biblically correct.  We stopped preaching against sin for fear of offending the sinner.  Righteousness, holiness, sanctification are foreign words in today’s pulpits.  We have lost the fear of God, thus we have lost our way. We are no different than the nation of Israel in the days of Elijah.  They served the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but when Baal was introduced into their society, they kept silent.  Why didn’t they congregate at the courts of the King and oppose the altars of Baal?  Why didn’t they stand up for their God?  Why did they allow the heathen queen Jezebel to infuse their nation with idol worship? Because their light had grown dim and complacency set in.  Their nation was being taken over by a foreign intruder with liberal ideologies while they became irrelevant. 

Now that our nation has reached this all time low in morale, what will it take to turn the tide?  First, we have to pray.  Our nation was founded on prayer and it will get back on course through prayer. Next, we must use our voice again. We have to defend the truth, stand up for righteousness and unite and fight for conservative Christian values that are the foundational pillars that our nation was built upon. And we must stop supporting companies who are against our conservative values.  A good example is the recent incident with Nike.  The fact that an X football player has the power to instill his prejudice mindset into our society by suggesting that the Betsy Ross flag supports slavery and Nike is stupid enough to give him that power should result in a nationwide boycott of Nike by every conservative Christian.  If we stopped buying Nike and threw all of our Nike shoes and clothing in the trash, do you think that would make a statement?  This is not a hate crime.  This is not burning buildings and rioting in the streets.  But this IS a way of using your voice!

Christians, it’s time to wake up. You are losing your country and if you don’t step up to the plate and begin to use your voice, you will lose it altogether.  I am amazed at how FEW Christians have addressed this incident on social media.  I am more amazed at how FEW (if any) mega-church pastors and evangelical leaders have denounced Rapinoe’s behavior publicly.

Rapinoe may get her 15 minutes of fame, but what will she be remembered for?  Not the win on the soccer field, but the missed “goal” of uniting the nation.

Righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings disgrace. –Proverbs 14:34

Ryan Cross