“Not Brown Enough”

Sharon Bolan Yerby.jpg

Earlier this week, I recorded a segment on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 where we discussed President Trump and several congresswomen who refer to themselves as the “squad.” Besides the fact that CNN edited an almost 90 minute taping down to 3 minutes, the clip has continued to be played on national TV and radio over the last several days. After doing several interviews, most recently with Todd Starnes on Fox News Radio, I have been viciously attacked by radical liberals who have come out in full force to discredit me.

From tweets stating that I’m “not really brown skinned,” and that I just had a “spray tan”, to those saying I wasn't “dark enough” and outright calling me a “dumb woman,” they’ve apparently forgotten basic manners. They have even commented that my legal immigration story is meaningless. It’s astounding to see the double standard.


If I was a liberal immigrant and voiced my opinions, I would be paraded by the media and hailed a spokesperson for immigration. But because I am a conservative, I am painted in a negative light.  The liberal keyboard warriors were out in full force both on Facebook, Twitter and even calling in threats to my home. One person went so far as to track down and threaten my mom! It’s absurd. Can we not simply disagree with one another?

I firmly support our President and I won’t be silenced. Our nation is a nation of immigrants and as a “legal,” evangelical immigrant, I am full of gratitude for the freedoms that I have been given as an American. It’s time for the liberal trolls toshow some respect and common decency.

Ryan Cross