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Healing Reflections II

Create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit with Healing Reflections 2 instrumental CD. Original soundtracks and keyboard by Quick Roans.

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Evening Light: Peace

At the close of each day, the fading sunset gives way to the gradual appearance of the moon and stars, as the terrestrial is eclipsed by the celestial. This portrait of peace is a reoccurring model that God designed. “Evening Light: Peace,” by Sharon Bolan, is written to draw your attention upward, above and beyond the pressures of everyday life and bring you into a dimension of perfect peace. As the curtain draws on your busy day, you have a choice of how it will end. Choose peace.

Book excerpt:

"How much power is in a thought? Just a thought can produce fear. Just a thought can make you smile. Just a thought can bring you to tears. Every day your body is physically reacting to the thoughts running through your mind. The power of a thought is a powerful force and if that thought is meditating on God’s word, it is the MOST POWERFUL force! Every thought has the power to transform you! What is foremost in your thoughts? What do you spend most of your time thinking about? The way you react to life’s circumstances is dependent upon what your mind feeds upon. God has given you His word. His word is His thought! If you just apply His word, your mind will be filled with His peace..."

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Surround Me (CD)

Surrounding myself with worship not only strengthens my time of prayer, but it creates an atmosphere that produces intimacy with God.  "Surround Me” is a collection of instrumental selections that includes some of my favorites that I know will bring peace to your life!  Allow the Lord to surround you with His presence today.

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Book + CD Combo

For a limited time, get Sharon’s new book and CD together and save.

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